At WebVistaa, we understand that some businesses and organizations require an all-inclusive web development plan that offers a wide array of features and functionality. That’s why we’re proud to introduce the PRESTIGE Plan, a comprehensive solution tailored to meet your most demanding online needs. With the PRESTIGE Plan, you’ll have access to an extensive list of features and services that will set your website apart.

PRESTIGE Plan Features:

  1. Admission Form: Streamline your admission process with a user-friendly online
  2. Membership Form: Attract and manage members efficiently with a dedicated
  3. Donation Form: Make it easy for supporters to contribute to your cause or organization.
  4. PDF Download: Offer downloadable documents, brochures, and reports in PDF
  5. Certificate Download: Allow users to access and download certificates as needed.
  6. Multiple/Multi-Type Payment Form: Easily collect payments for various services or
  7. Multiple/Multi-Type Without Payment Form: Create versatile forms for various purposes, payment
  8. Visitor Counter: Keep track of website traffic and engagement in real-time.
  9. Social Icons: Connect your website to your social media profiles for enhanced
  10. Facebook Page Widget: Embed your Facebook page on your website to foster social
  11. Quick Query Form: Enable users to submit inquiries quickly and
  12. Latest News/Events Scroll Widget: Keep your audience informed with a dynamic news and events
  13. Google Map Widget: Provide easy access to your location with an interactive
  14. Pop-Up Form/Image Module: Capture leads and display eye-catching images with pop-up
  15. WhatsApp Widget: Allow visitors to contact you via WhatsApp for instant
  16. Online Chat Widget: Offer live chat support for immediate
  17. Multiple Product Gallery: Showcase your products or services with multiple gallery
  18. Multiple Image Gallery: Display your images in various galleries for a visually appealing
  19. Multiple Video Gallery: Embed and organize videos to engage and inform your
  20. Multiple Slider Images: Create captivating image sliders to highlight your
  21. Fully SEO Supported: Optimize your website for search engines to enhance online
  22. Image Advertise Widget: Promote special offers or announcements with image advertising.
  23. Digital Visiting Card Widget: Share your contact information conveniently with a digital visiting
  24. 20 Pages/Sub-Pages: Build a comprehensive website with up to 20 pages and sub-pages.
  25. 5 GB Space: Enjoy ample space for your content and data, accommodating
  26. Fully Dynamic Footer Background: Customize your footer’s appearance to match your
  27. Fully Dynamic Menu: Tailor your website’s menu for a user-friendly navigation experience.

The PRESTIGE Plan, priced at $1099 inclusive of all taxes and fees, is designed to empower your online presence with an array of powerful features. To embark on a journey of online excellence, contact us today, and our team will assist you in selecting the PRESTIGE Plan for your business or organization. WebVistaa – Where Prestige Meets Web Development!

Ready to get started? Contact us today to discuss your project and select the plan that suits you best. WebVistaa – Where Your Online Dreams Come to Life!

Note: Customization options and additional features are available for each plan. Contact us for more details.

Announcing the PRESTIGE Plan: Unleash the Full Potential of Your Online Presence

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